About Warriors II
Warriors is a fun game that is played FOR FREE right here on the net against your friends! When the mythological warriors of Valhalla died in battle, they were resurrected the next day, and they fought again. We will take you back to this time. Can you prove yourself a worthy warrior?

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Where can I see the names of my Companions?
On the companions tab in your character profile.
Tell me everything about Companions!
The basics
Companions are the new "follower" system in w2.
The old system only counted the numbers of "dumb" followers and the medium strength of them.
The companion system includes individual souls for each and every companion you find! Companions can fight; they can do magic’s, unlock chests cook food, fix potions and so on and so forth. This is something many players has asked about over the years, and the development of the final product is many players combined ideas over what you would want out of your followers.

Companions vs Followers
The companions will probably be “weaker” than the followers where in pure battle as many of them will not be for fighting only. But your active choices in the followers you select, will do great difference. It will be possible to just pickup people and use them as cannon fodder as with followers, all comes with basic fighting mode so you really don’t need to do anything if you don’t want to. Its as easy as the followers system, but 100 times more complex if you want it to be.

The companions can have 3 skills each, there are 18 different skills for them to master.
The first skill, the main skill, can go up to 100%
the second one, the major skill can go up to half of the main skills value.
And the third one, the minor skill can be half of the major one.

If your main skill is cooking 40% and your major skill is 10% healing and your minor one is 5% mountain finding skill, then you cant get more of your minor one, until your major has elevated itself to 12., your major could go up to 20% without your main did improve at all.
This sounds tricky, but its really is not, its totally automatic, and you don’t need to care about this at all if you don’t want to.

Baldar the Brewer
The Main skill will give the companion his “line of work” they can have 12 different lines of work(trade), and each line of fork include 4 different levels.
Example: warrior trade
1%-24% Warrior
25%-49% Squire
50%-74% Knight
75-100% Paladin

The companion gets better as his skills goes up, but when he cross over to a new “level” within his trade, he will sometimes get new use of his skill..

Gold demand
Cool! Then I want a 100% war skill with 50% leader skill and 25% magic’s skill. He will be great!. Yes, he probably will, but all followers has a “gold demand”.. it’s the amount of gold they will want to have after each battle, if your gold demand is higher than a total of 100%, then they will take gold from your personal stash, when you have nothing, they will take get mad at you!
Some followers have a gold demand of 0%, but might have gold demand later as their skills and strengths grows.
Different skills costs different, its their total usage, and dangers of usage for the companion itelf that determines how much they really cost.. A master chef does not cost as much as a paladin, even if they are both 90%. The chef does not risk his life for you every day..

Battle tactics
You can choose different battle tactics for each companion, its not that wise to put your best doctor in front of you as a shield(fanatic defence), you might want him alive after the battle.
Each one comes with a basic setting that should fit his skills

Yes of course....

This values can be trained up on your followers, but not to more than double of what they started with! It will go fast at the beginning, but slower and slower towards the roof.

List of how many companions you can have:
No title4
Grand Duke9
Crown Prince/Crown Princess10

There are also special items that can give you more companions, such as special items to be revealed later on.
Spirit of the tomb(SOT)
Basic info:
Within warriors you can contact your ancestors and get help from them on your adventures.
Each time you have completed the game with one of the regular races (human, elf, dwarf, troll) you will get a new spirit you can contact.
What you do in life, echos into eternity someone said, and that is true for this function, if you reborned as a great priest, the spirit of this character will have the powers of a great priest. This means that there are several types of spirits out there for you to find. Some spirits gives you magical protection, and some holy damage, and this advantages can sometimes be combined to make you a super warrior for a short wile. This should be used when trying to kill the most difficult monsters of the game! The idea of the spirit of the tomb function is to bind the old characters you have played into your game play, some sort of help from adventuring a lot in the past.

When a spirit is created, it chooses to live somewhere on the mainlands 10 worlds. But when you have found it in your summoning you will be able to move it to another world part if you like. This is of NO use in the beginning of the game, but later on, when you have loads of spirits, it could be good to group them after what they doïŋ― so put all archers in the forest, all knights on the fields and all assassins in the ruins or something like that! It actually does not matter where they are, but when you pay you will know what to expect if you have sorted them out.

The time
A spirit will be gone for a LONG time after you have used him/her. To shorten the time, you can always sacrifice a soul stone of some sort in one of the temples; this will take some percentage of the time off. Its impossible to just use soul stones to get a spirit back again and again, it will always take at least 10 days. A tip here would be to use the soul stones you find on the spirits that takes the longest to recover. As the amount of days each soul stone gives is based on a percentage of the total time, 10% would be 40 days on a 400 day spirit, but only 1 on a 10 day spirit.
When creating a spirit, the level you have played to, and the total amount of days you have played with that character are the two main parameters that determines for how long your spirit will have to recover between the times you use it.
In general, one level will give 1 less day, and one day played, will give one less day.
Why is the spirit system tuned like that? Simply because those who do many laps, will have many spirits, but with a long recover time. While those that play the game and try to become the greatest with each and every race, will have faster and better spirits. We simply want to reward those who play the game. Making super fast spirits will take time, with this system we will have a game that are tuned for a long time.
If we see it with some perspective, if we had started the spirit system the first day of w2, some would have over 100 spirits to call right now! That would be several each day, that would mean that they would always go around with superpowers and that is not what this function was built for.

The best type of spirits..
Each type of spirit (knight, archer, commander and so on) has different skills, so each will be useful in different occasions, so there is really no way to say that one is better than the other.
The commander for an example has MANY skills, but it has the longest recover time. So if you want better archery, ask an ancestor that where a veteran archer and you will get great support.
Making a frontpage profile.
Do you want to turn up on the frontpage? Then you should make a frontpage profile. To make one, click on community/frontpage profile. Read the info there. Next thing to do is to check check out this guide on how to get a higher score.

I have been reading the profiles that showed up on the frontpage and even asked the person some questions.

Keep this in mind when you do your profile to get a higher score.

Donīt try to brag with GODLY RUNE bla bla as a cool weapon, it should sound cool for new players, and reachable. If everybody writes "dragon" as pet, it only says that the game is unballanced, if that is the case, we should do something about it.

Donīt write the same text as everbody else. Just because your friend got a high score by saying something, does not mean that you will. I want the feeling that itīs a real person that plays the game. Thats the main idea with the frontpage profile!

You should look interesting in your about text, write someting about yourself and what you do, I myself love to read what kind of lifes all my warriors are living outside walmork.

You should enter an occupation that isnīt just "school" or "unemployed". Write Highschool student if that is the case, and if you are unemployed, write something about what kind of work you want to do.

The picture:
The picture is really important to get a high score!
The picture should be apealing and selling, if you look angry at your picture, less people will want to join the game with you, if you look happy, it will be vice versa. same goes for colourless pictures and dark ones.

The quality of the picture is also important, bad quality and the wrong size always draws down the total score.

Try to see your profile as the front sales man for warriors2, what should it say to new persons joining the game?

Think about it, we get over 5000 loads on the frontpage each day! That is ALOT of people, that means that itīs important to have a good profile on the frontpage!
How do I make it with a titan?
To make it with a titan you have to find the doors to Valhalla or the doors to Hell. These doors are well hidden behind labyrinths.

General tip:
You have now come to a place in the game where you canīt just force your way through without thinking. You will need some healing berries and potions to finish these labyrinths. A poison potion might be a good idea too!

Castle of Light: (Secret Mountains, doors to Valhalla)
This labyrinth is covered with hard traps, so high INT and DEX is a must to survive. The titans attack you on sight so itīs good to map this labyrinth the first time you try it. So next time you can avoid going to unnecessary places where you might have to fight monsters. The labyrinth is in multiple levels, so mapping it will be the key to success. There are a lot of wells where you can drink. Learn where the wells are. There are even bushes with berries on the castleyard, if you are lucky, they could provide you with some additional healing.

The Shaft: (The Underworld, doors to Hell)
Pretty much the same as the Castle of Light, slightly easier though. You donīt have to make a map of this dungeon, but it could be wise to remember where the wells are, and keep your eyes open for secret doors. Keep track of your health, the monsters here are strong!
The Underworld is located under all other worldparts, and itīs pure evil! If you donīt have a clue on how to find it, maybe you should visit the gnome in the hills, he knows a lot about evil stuff! Remember to check your travel options carefully.

Good luck
Can I have multiple accounts?
Before the game went Pay2Play it was illegal to have several accounts, this rule was merely there so that as many people as possible should be able to play the game.
As we changed the game-type we also deleted this rule. So itīs now legal to have several accounts. However, the following rules should be obeyed:

  • You are only allowed to have one trial-period account.

  • You are not allowed to form clans with several of your own characters.

  • You are not allowed to fight/joust/rob your own characters.

  • You are not allowed to use the referallink to create free accounts for yourself! if you are making a paying account, its allowed

  • These rules are there to make the game as fair as possible for all players!

    Other than that it is up to you if you want to have more than one account!

    Why should anyone want to have more than one? And can I benefit from it?
    The benefit of playing several accounts is that you have the chance to play more and get more knowledge of the game.
    But for the individual character there is no gain. People often try to go after different goals with their different accounts, maybe try to play as a lv 50 Elf and see how good you can be, or do as many loops as possible, or find out about runes.
    How you play the game is up to you, and if you can find the time to play several characters at once you are free to do so.

    Each account you create needs to have its own email address (as you know, the email is used for login in w2). You could always create a hotmail account or whatever just for this matter if you like.
    Do not use fake emails though, because then your account is in danger of being deleted. When we send out reminder mails and such we delete accounts that have fake emails to prevent the game from being full with unused accounts. When using fake emails you will not be able to receive your password if you lose it either.

    Can I transfer turns/gold/items and such between my accounts?
    No, that is not possible. It would not be fair to other players who donīt have the same advantage.

    Can I benefit from my Silver account etc?
    Iīm sorry to tell that this is not possible due to the problems it would cause for us! There is no way to tell if people give out their link so that other could benefit from that, and therefor we have excluded this function.

    If you have more questions about Multiple Accounts, please do not hesitate to email [email protected] and ask for an answer!
    Warriors2 is totally free!
    From 2022-01-28 Warriors2 has become a free game again after being a pay to play game for many years! Please enjoy!
    Level 50, max level?
    Yes, as long as you have not become a god, level 50 is the maximum level you can reach!

    However, when you complete the game with all 5 races and become god, you will be able to play to level 60. When you complete with all 5 races again, level 70 will be the roof and so forth.
    Level 51-60 contains new weapons and world parts amongst other things!

    Level 99 is the maximum level you can become eventually, this is when you have completed the game with all 5 races 5 times.
    Mantra problems!
    I get the same clue to my mantra over and over again, is it a bug?

    Answer: No itīs not, the clue is not unique, you can get it several times. If your word has 4 letters for instance, there is a 25% chance that you will get the same clue twice. Itīs just the way the game works. Deal with it!
    Why do I become evil when I kill thieves?
    If you are good and kill a thief you will become more evil. Why? Because they are neutral.
    If you are evil you will become good.

    Think of it like this: You go to the local pub and a priest starts a brawl with you, you floor the guy and what happens?

    A. People will think you are a good guy.
    B. People will think of you as a bad guy that hit a priest.

    That is just the way the world works... deal with it!
    Why can´t I get turns twice a day?
    Warriors is designed for playing a few minutes a day. Everybody should have a chance to be number one here, even if they are working long hours and have a family.
    There are a lot of different games out there for you guys who want to play 24/7.

    If you really want to play twice a day, just use half your turns when you login the first time, wait 6 hours and play more then. It will make no difference.
    When can I play titan?
    You can play titan when you have finished the game with all the other four races. You have to accomplish it by using only one account so by "cheating" with many accounts you accomplish nothing other than the risk of being deleted.

    When you reach lvl 30 you are allowed to join the kings army, when you die in his army you have finished the game for the first time. You will get a gravestone with your name on it that will remain during the rest of this game.
    How do I become a Sir?
    You have to prove yourself worthy first. Complete one quest, and after that I suggest that you go and see the old man in the village. He might have another one for you!

    By becoming a noble you gain alot of things, Like more turns, better companions and many many more things.
    Should I accept companions?
    It depends, companions help you in battle but you have to pay them and you are not given any XP for the people they kill.
    Why should I buy a pet?
    The pets can give you some advantages, for instance give you extra turns every day, attack your enemys, give you better charisma (this will not be shown in your statistics).
    Some animals attack all your foes!
    Some can fly (the turns used while travelling will not be as many as usual).

    And so forth...
    Do I have to pray?
    No you donīt, but think of it like this: The Gods obviously exist, you are trying to be one right?! If you were a God, would you help the ones that are faithful to you or the ones that are not?

    And would you help a person that prays often and more than one that prays less often?

    Just a hint ;)
    I get robbed all the time, why?
    You probably have more money than the usual warrior.

    The best thing to do is to sleep at a inn or guild, then the thieves canīt rob you.
    So donīt die! You canīt rent a room if you are dead you know!
    Can I heal my self?
    Yes, at some inns and guilds you can rest to heal yourself.
    There are also some game secrets that can add to your life.

    However, if you die the gods are the only ones that can heal you. This normally happens during midnight gametime.
    I only see old pages!
    This can be because your web browser shows a cached version of the site to you. please make sure your cache is empty and try again! If possible disable caching for
    Can I give gold and items to other players?
    No, you canīt.
    I die all the time
    This is a common problem if you are going to worlds that you are not fit for. Stay in the less dangerous worlds a little bit longer.
    A high defence and high life is also good if you don´t want to die.
    I do not find new worlds
    Some worlds require that you are at a certain level before you even find them.

    You can only find worlds that are close to the one you are in right now.
    What is the goal of the game?
    The goal of the game is to become one of the gods of Valhalla. To become a god you have to prove yourself worthy as a good warrior.

    Top ten Warriors Ranking:

    (Active in this case means logged in the last 30 days)
    [#38953] Madam Lanfear the Titan [DTEK] (Nils Iverlund)
    705 rounds
    [#17332] Tyrson-Peu the Dwarf [FWP] (Tee Jay Green)
    597 rounds
    [#185044] Dwarf Nonaz the Elf [FWP] (mick walter)
    397 rounds
    [#43151] Sir Tuxo the Titan [DTEK] (Tee Jay Green)
    328 rounds
    [#45749] Hero Lomichas CCLXXXVI the Dwarf [DTEK] (Øyvind Gundersen)
    285 rounds
    [#142247] Prince Slartibartfast the Titan [FWP] (Øyvind Gundersen)
    216 rounds
    [#113158] Duchess Semirhage the Titan [FOG] (Nils Iverlund)
    194 rounds
    [#147762] Morbido the Troll [FWP] (Joel aka Jojo)
    183 rounds
    [#175611] Duchess Cyndane the Titan [FWP] (Nils Iverlund)
    179 rounds
    [#93739] Prince wolsa2 the Titan [MOC] (morris wols)
    106 rounds

    top 500 list