John Kollinius
What was it that made you a adicted player?
I have always liked fantasy and adventures. And of course, the game is even better with all nice people who are playing it. I have played this game for over two years, every day.
Favorite Item?
Winged boots of time
What is the most fun thing to do in W2?
Solving Quest
How many days have you played W2?
5689 days

Topten Warriors Ranking(active players):
1[#146834] Grand Duke Yngve Knotrygg the Titan [KROO] (Henrik Wahlström)161 rounds55355607 xp
2[#33494] Baronesse Godik the Titan (Asger Kvist)134 rounds320890504 xp
3[#151427] Prince Barnak Bloodbath the Titan [DTEK] (Hannes Nilsson)125 rounds900079808 xp
4[#66394] Sir Rövmular_Bengt the Elf (Erik Djusberg)113 rounds21048754 xp
5[#93739] Prince wolsa2 the Titan [MOC] (morris wols)106 rounds181845256 xp
6[#169631] Anarion the Human (Vebjørn Bugge)95 rounds32355728 xp
7[#199612] Prince Gobschen the Titan [LASNJ] (Peter Englund)65 rounds287517063 xp
8[#203001] Baron Acanthis the Dwarf [RoG] (Wojciech Kinowski)62 rounds1736469 xp
9[#165631] Lady Lennah the Titan (Petter Björklund)59 rounds2478169 xp
10[#41082] Danne the Titan (Dan Hannu)59 rounds1198413 xp
top 500 list
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