About Warriors II
Warriors is a fun game that is played right here on the net against your friends! When the mythological warriors of Valhalla died in battle, they were resurrected the next day, and they fought again. We will take you back to this time. Can you prove yourself a worthy warrior?
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Mariëlle Vonk
Why Warriors2?
Because its a turn based roll playing game witch u can play alone and with a team
Favorite Pet?
White dragon
Favorite Monster?
Acient dragon
How did you learn about the game?
Word of mouth

Topten Warriors Ranking(active players):
1[#107188] Heroine Bungo the Human (Peter Jonsson)349 rounds1505755 xp
2[#50188] Duchess Paradel the Human (Laurent DUBARRY)213 rounds29513649 xp
3[#146834] Grand Duke Yngve Knotrygg the Titan [Wizz] (Henrik Wahlström)161 rounds50214652 xp
4[#22549] Prince BIFFEN the Titan [TNTW] (SVEN JAGER)141 rounds298699806 xp
5[#151427] Prince Barnak Bloodbath the Titan [DTEK] (Hannes Nilsson)125 rounds900000000 xp
6[#6878] Princess Fang the Titan (Andreas Foldalake)101 rounds64649320 xp
7[#93739] Duke wolsa2 the Elf [MOC] (morris wols)99 rounds12515018 xp
8[#8514] Grand Duchess Frankenfish the Elf (Robin Englund)77 rounds406328817 xp
9[#207597] Duke Aang Sedai the Human (Tyler Clemons)76 rounds4735082 xp
10[#36012] Duchess Miriam the Human [Wizz] (Atle Svartis)69 rounds77080333 xp
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