About Warriors II
Warriors is a fun game that is played right here on the net against your friends! When the mythological warriors of Valhalla died in battle, they were resurrected the next day, and they fought again. We will take you back to this time. Can you prove yourself a worthy warrior?
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Jimmy Laursen
Got my education as Machine carpenter, now im just waiting to get into the military
Why Warriors2?
W2 takes place in my favorite time in the the northern history, and im an addicted roleplayer, soo what is there else to say ;)
How many days have you played W2?
3257 days
Where are you from?
I´m from Hjortkær, Denmark
Favorite Place in W2?
Dragon Lair

Topten Warriors Ranking(active players):
1[#107188] Grand Duchess Regin the Titan (Peter Jonsson)311 rounds63121113 xp
2[#50188] Grand Duchess Paradel the Titan (Laurent DUBARRY)203 rounds125913381 xp
3[#101602] Stranded the Human (Bart Sikkens)169 rounds1232416 xp
4[#22549] Grand Duke BIFFEN the Titan [TNTW] (SVEN JAGER)139 rounds53663746 xp
5[#151427] Prince Barnak Bloodbath the Titan [DTEK] (Hannes Nilsson)125 rounds900212194 xp
6[#133571] Baron Binosj the Elf (Bruno Emans)114 rounds1602627 xp
7[#6878] Princess Fang the Titan (Andreas Foldalake)101 rounds64593921 xp
8[#182086] Grand Duke Lord Preacher the Titan (Jim Smith)79 rounds900000000 xp
9[#207597] Crown Prince Joberta Rodan Telamon the Titan (Tyler Clemons)75 rounds782925770 xp
10[#217377] Princess Bollkalle the Troll (Simon Tiderman)73 rounds900000000 xp
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