Warriors2 - Screenshoots
This page contains a sneak peak of what you will find inside the game, if you want to know more about different features, please check the ingame features page
The game consists of hundreds of
thousands lines of texts, and it
has a vast number of professional images.

Warriors2 includes over 150 monsters that you can encounter. They have all their own powers and weaknesses and act different against you if your alignment are good or evil.
When you have killed a monster, you can find a picture of it in your unique monster list, if you want to check back on it later.
If you are lucky, you could stumble upon the riddle man. This figure gives you a riddle, and if you are clever enough to solve it, he will give you an in game bonus.
There are dungeons spread all over the world of Warriors. Some of them contain large treasures, and others are great places to look for special items. Some of the dungeons even have multiple levels, so they can be a hard nut to crack!
The world you are playing in is shown on the travel map. This map shows what parts of the world you have found your way to. There are also two secret world parts that are not shown on the map, for you to discover.
As a major part of the Warriors community you have the forums. These forums are easy to use and this is where you will get the fastest answers to questions about the game. The forums are a great place to get aquainted with some new people in this great community.